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Our Company

About us

Newcel Paper was established in 1973 and is a multi-award winning, third generation family owned business, which manufactures branded and private label disposable paper products for the Foodservice, Hygiene, Janitorial and Cash and Carry sectors throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Production Capabilities

Our fully robotic production lines operate 24/7, producing more than 5000 pallets of consistently high quality paper products per week.

Our ‘next generation’ production facilities are highly audited and exceed the exacting standards of our most stringent and professional customers. We invite you to visit our facilities and witness the future today.


We’re passionate about sustainability and always have been. We pioneered the use of recycled paper over 50 years ago even though it was less popular at the time. We continue to champion all things ‘Green’ with 66% of our electricity coming from renewables, by utilising electric cars and forktrucks and by delivering our products on Euro 6 compliant trucks.

Delivering Dependability

We operate our own fleet of Bio-Diesel fuelled trucks, which emit 11% less carbon monoxide and 10% less particulate matter than regular diesel vehicles. This ensures that your order arrives reliably ‘on time – every time’, in perfect condition and contributes positively towards a cleaner, healthier and safer world for us all.